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Trash Kitties Blind Box (Series Three)

Trash Kitties Blind Box (Series Three)

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We love blind boxes. No way around it. We also love cats, and we already sell some 100%Soft stuff, so this seemed like an obvious move. We need you to buy them so we don't open them ourselves.

***No drop shipping. We are an in-person traveling vendor duo, which means this site is our secondary source of sales. We have these, with us, and they will ship out ASAP when you order.


Please don't let your kid choke on these. Please don't eat them. Please use common sense <3


Vinyl Plastic or Soft Enamel, depending on product

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Pins are 1"-1.5" diameter

Trash Kitties are about 5"

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Is your life a dumpster fire?

PostGoth prides ourselves on making as many things in-house as we possibly can, but sometimes we get the opportunity to sell truly cool stuff made by other people. This is one of those rare cases, and we hope you enjoy being able to get 100%Soft products through your favorite Goth supplier!