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PostGoth was started because we couldn't buy goth, eccentric, and pagan decor that wasn't mass produced plastic or way out of our price range. What started as an effort to redecorate an apartment is now a mission for us and our curated partners to both remind you of the Golden Era of chain wallets and trip pants as well as deliver quality goods for the modern nonconformist.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is the spiritual extension of our product offerings. Founded by... 

Misprint Basement

Misprint Basement

Sometimes, the shirt just doesn't come out the way you want it... 

  • What is Goth?

    Not always the full kit of stark white makeup and 37 pounds of chains, Goth was a state of mind that came out of the Punk Movement. Embracing the dark, occult, and unloved, Goth has always been an umbrella for societies Strange and Unusual.

  • Hand Screened Black Shirts

    PostGoth's founder is not a person of small stature. This has lead to a very specific passion for clothes that fit well and feel good on your body. The images used are from artists who were paid for their work, and they are given credit wherever possible. I believe these elements come together to make a fantastic Black Shirt.

  • Pagan at our Core

    PostGoth was founded by Alex Valdes, a Bard studying under the British Druidic Order, and as such we offer some of the only authentic, researched pagan goods online. We welcome all customers to use our goods as decoration or for deeper spiritual practice.