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The Opal

The Opal

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The Opal is so perfectly in tune with our personal aesthetic it's hard to not label it "the goth gem." Its deep pale base is accented with manganese/iron inclusions that invoke fog covered trees in the dead of winter, or a frozen pond caught deep in its own silence. The subtle beauty of the dendritic opal is framed in sterling silver and held by a chain made of the same. 

The piece pictured is NOT guaranteed to be the piece you will receive. All necklaces come with a pendant and chain.


Sterling Silver

Shipping & Returns

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Returns are allowed 30 days after purchase as long as the piece is undamaged.


Crystals are 2", Symbol is under 1"

Chains are available in 16", 20", and 24" varieties.

Care Instructions

Standard sterling silver cleaning techniques.

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Made with Intention, Dedicated to Style

Goth and jewelry go together like mall parking lots and cigarettes. Our offerings are stylish and easy to pair with most clothing. They also have the benefit of real crystal and fine sterling silver. Even if you don't go for crystals and all that, we feel these pieces stand on their own as stylish accesories!

  • Why is all your jewelry sterling silver?

    Sterling silver is, frankly, the bottom level of quality we accept at PostGoth. We know you don't want green skin, and silver has many symbolic qualities that go hand in hand with our Neopaganism roots.

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

    Get the piece and decide it's a pass? No worries at all, send it back undamaged and we'll be happy to send you something else you'll like better (you can also get a refund, all good)!