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The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

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This incredible design comes from artist @opnor, who more commonly does comic work. His special can be seen in our very first dot shaded piece, with no color other than white used to give a shadowed effect. the size also means each piece will have unique aspects due to the nature of our hand screening process. We are so thrilled to be working with such an incredible artist, and our shop hopes you enjoy the product of that collaboration.


As always, each shirt is made to order in-house using hand printing methods and water based dying methods. This reduces our plastic waste as well as giving you the most comfortable long plastic graphic tee you will ever own. No cracking, no peeling, only a vintage fade over time. 


100% cotton, water based dye (no plastic)

Shipping & Returns

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Returns are allowed 30 days after purchase as long as garment is unworn and unwashed.


Standard sizing, with 2 inches added to the hem for tall sizing

Care Instructions

Wash in cold water inside-out, dry on low or hang dry to avoid shrinking.

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Hand-Screened In-House

Each of our pieces is screened in-house by PostGoth. We are artists first and have a love for creation, and putting that passion in our beloved Black Shirts is deeply important to us.

  • Why aren't your shirts in other colors?

    We are a brand that supports a gothic lifestyle. We respect you, Pastels, but we need some time before we can get to that.

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

    Get the shirt and decide it's a pass? No worries at all, send it back unworn/tried on, unwashed, and we'll be happy to send you something else you'll like better (you can also get a refund, all good)!