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Snow Quartz and Pentagram Necklace

Snow Quartz and Pentagram Necklace

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This piece utilizes snow quartz and the symbol of the Pentagram to offer powerful protection against evil suggestion.

Snow Quartz, or White Quartz, are quartz crystals with inclusions that cause them to have a clouded, wispy coloring. They invoke a sene of calm while enhancing communication with loved ones.

The symbol used in this piece is the Pentagram. Though oft associated with Satanism, the Pentagram actually has it's roots in the Testament of Solomon, who used a ring etched with a Pentagram to command the legions of Hell to build his temple. The Pentagram is also seen as a means of protection in many current neopagan beliefs, while also boasting a classic association to Goth culture.

This piece is made with sterling silver. There are several chain lengths to choose from, and they are also all sterling silver.


100% cotton, water based dye (no plastic)

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Standard sizing, with 2 inches added to the hem for tall sizing

Care Instructions

Wash in cold water inside-out, dry on low or hang dry to avoid shrinking.

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