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"The Aether" PostGoth Incense 10 Pack

"The Aether" PostGoth Incense 10 Pack

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We are proud to offer hand dipped incense in an ever expanding selection of scents. These incense are made in-house with the care and attention we give all of our products at PostGoth!

"The Aether" is a captivating mix of cashmere and pear, intended for calming sensations and the deep relaxation known to those that enjoy the presence of a full moon.

Please do not burn unattended!


100% Vegan, Cruelty Free

Various Incense Materials

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Returns are allowed 30 days after purchase as long as incense are unused. We do not accept returns on partially used packets.


11" total including stick

8.5" incense

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Luxurious Scents for Moments of Decadence

Each of our incense are made by hand in-house. Our bold take on traditional incense is sure to fill your home with a captivating, relaxing aura.

  • A Personal Touch

    Hand dipped in house using natural and artificial scents.

  • Returns Accepted For Unused Product

    We accept returns on all incense products as long as they are ALL unused. We do not accept partially full packs for refunds.