As we round the corner of our grand opening...

As we round the corner of our grand opening...

Hello again!

Man, this is a lot of work! I planned on these blog posts being fairly regular but they will definitely be more of a "once in a while" thing. Between ad streams, vendor purchases, and the continuing process of learning to refine our in house's a lot! A lot of fun, but also a lot!

Jewelry, incense, one of a kinds and more have been added to the shop. We've also created Facebook, instagram, and google shops that direct back here and allow for more direct marketing. I've never really seen this shop as a place to sell stuff to my friends (though I always appreciate the support y'all give me) and really plan to expand with advertising as soon as I feel fully comfortable with fabricating new shirts etc. We're getting there!

We will also be looking into our first practice vendor event as we lead into The Grand Wunderkammer in October (more info on that later).

That's all for now you little ghouls,

Alex V

Owner, PostGoth

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